Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skipper Injured But Recovering

Back on November 29, 2012, after a day of working on Empress, I slipped on a wet spot on our epoxy-coated garage floor and fractured my right femur just below the ball.  Fortunately, our neighbor of more than 25 years, Dr. Stuart Marshall, an orthopedic surgeon, was home from the hospital early that day and diagnosed my injury as I lay in the garage and ordered an operating room and the necessary repair hardware.  Dr. Marshall did the repair surgery on December 1, and I now am recuperating at home with the aid of a hospital bed, a wheel chair, a walker, an excellent rehabilitation therapist and loving care by Marcellite.  The X-rays below show the fracture before the repair and the detail of the repair hardware.

John Penhune's Fractured Right Femur

Dr. Stuart Marshall's Repair of John Penhune's Right Femur
Thanks to Dr. Marshall's excellent repair surgery and to Ashlee Denaro, the outstanding physical therapist he recommended, I now am ambulating well using a walker and Marcellite is able to take me for outings in the cars to restaurants and Costco, and to view Empress from the marina parking lot.

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