Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interior Redecorating

Marcellite Penhune is taking the lead in significantly redecorating the interior of Empress.  The first step was replacement of the carpet throughout the boat with a European product made for marine applications and having a dark blue background and a gold nautical pattern.  The photos that follow show the new carpet in the salon and on the aft stairs.

New Carpet in Salon

New Carpet on Aft Stairs
The next step was reupholstering the cushions in the aft master cabin and the chairs in the salon.  The photos below show three of the reupholstered chairs around the glass table in the aft end of the salon and the reupholstered large swivel chair in the main salon.

Reupholstered Chairs around Glass Salon Table
Reupholstered Swivel Chair in Salon
After that, Marcellite had the old metal blinds on the salon windows replaced with individual retractable cloth shades, so that individual windows can be shaded as need.  The photo that follows shows the new shades on the port side of the salon, first in the up positions and then in the down positions.

Salon Shade in Up Position

Salon Shades in Down Positions

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Barbara and Harry said...

John and Marcellite, EMPRESS looks beautiful!