Friday, June 17, 2011

Empress in Avalon

On Thursday, June 16, 2011, two-year-old Matthew Klein, Marcellite Penhune, her mother, Marcellite Faust, John Penhune, and Lola, the English bulldog, took Empress from Alamitos Bay to Avalon harbor on Catalina. The trip was uneventful, thanks to emergency repairs of one of the shifter/throttle linkages by Patrick Murray the previous day, after John had to return Empress to Alamitos Bay on one engine.
Empress in Avalon Harbor
Marcellite Klein, Matthew's, mother joined the Empress crew via the fast ferry from Dana Point on Friday, June 17. We all are enjoying touring the harbor in the Empress tender and walking around Avalon. The Penhunes, their daughter, Marcellite Klein, and Marcellite Faust have been coming to Avalon on various boats for many years, but for two-year-old Matthew everything was a new adventure.

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