Saturday, June 4, 2011

Empress in Alamitos Bay

On May 31, 2011, Jim Penhune and John Penhune took Empress from San Diego to Alamitos Bay at the south end of Long Beach harbor. The trip took about 12 hours going up sea and up swell at about 7 knots. The day was warm, the weather was good, and the trip was uneventful. Marcellite Penhune drove up to meet us and bring us back to La Jolla. We all had dinner at the Crab Shack close to where Empress is tied up. Jim had a mixed plate of Dungeness and Alaskan King crab, while Marcellite and John went for their favorite, whole Dungeness crab.
Empress in Alamitos Bay Marina
Alamitos Bay is an artificially developed harbor with several interior islands collectively called Naples. There are several yacht clubs and lots of good restaurants - similar to Newport Beach, but smaller and much less frequented by tourists. After about two weeks in Alamitos Bay, we plan to take Empress to Catalina, which is a short trip across the channel - about 4 hours at about 7 knots.

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