Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 on Empress in Scappoose, Oregon

After an 1100-nautical-mile, week-long voyage from San Pedro, California to Portland, Oregon, Empress now is tied up at her new marina, McCuddy's Landing on the Multnomah Channel in Scappoose, Oregon.

In the map above, North is to the right. The Multnomah channel (where Empress is tied up) separates Sauvie Island from the mainland of Oregon and the Columbia River separates Sauvie Island from the mainland of Washington. The location of Empress at McCuddy's Landing is shown by the red marker on the map. Downtown Portland, Oregon is in the lower left-hand corner of the map and Vancouver, Washington is in the lower left-middle area of the map. The Columbia River goes downstream to the Pacific at the right-hand edge of the map and upstream toward the dams and locks at the bottom of the map left of center. The Willamette River runs downstream from Portland to where it joins the Columbia River near the south end of Sauvie Island.

James Klein holding Lola the English Bulldog on Sauvie Island across the Multnomah Channel from McCuddy's Landing. The south end of Sauvie Island is mostly working and gentleman farms and ranches, while the north end is a wildlife reserve.

Marcellite Klein and Marcellite Penhune with the Thanksgiving dinner they cooked aboard Empress.

Lola after her Thanksgiving dinner. "I ate too much, but it was great!"


Ken Watson said...

John & Marcellite,
I enjoyed your blog very much. Hope we can see you when you are back in san diego.

Dino and Anastasia said...

Dear John and Marcellite,
great job on the blog. We are looking forward to your updates.
Love to both,
Anastasia and Dino