Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow on Empress in Scappoose, Oregon, Christmas 2008

During Christmas week, the Scappoose, Oregon area received an unusual amount of snow. Fortunately, Empress is in the excellent care of Captain Fred Voosen, who lives aboard Anna D in the same marina. The photo above shows Anna D after Fred and his wife, Lynne, had shoveled a path to her along the dock finger.

Snow on the starboard side of Empress, her gangway, and the dock finger before Fred and Lynne shoveled the snow off her.

Snow on the foredeck, bow seating, and pilothouse windows of Empress.

Snow on the port side of Empress. The Multnomah Channel is not frozen and other marinas are visible in the distance.
According to Fred, all the snow is gone now (December 28). However, some flat-roofed boat sheds on the Multnomah Channel collapsed under the snow load and some boats were damaged. Thanks to Fred and Lynne, Empress came through unscathed.

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Robert said...


I stumbled across this today and it's nice to see a lttle bolog on Empress.

I was going to send you an e-mail asking why they Pacific NorthWest, instead I thought I'd leave you a wuick comment on here? I thought that you were going to steam her to Maui...

Well, hope all is well her, she looks great! Drop me a note again sometime, I'd like to hear more.

Captain Robert R. Risher