Saturday, September 3, 2016

Drone Video of Empress at Sea

On September 1, we took Empress to sea off Mission Bay in San Diego and flew a Typhoon H drone to record UHD video of Empress in action at sea.  The crew was John Penhune, Captain and Rick Busch, First Mate.  The done pilots were Brons Larson, Tim Herrin, and Wes Wang.  The video recording was done by Brons Larson and Tim Herrin, and the video editing and production were done by John Penhune.

A lower-resolution short clip of the video recorded by the drone follows:

You can watch a much-longer, much-higher-resolution version of the edited UHD video by going to Vimeo at

Some photos of our crew follow:

Rick, Wes and Tim approaching Empress on G Dock at Marina Village

Left, Tim in front of chart table; Right, John at helm
Tim & Wes on boat deck from which the drone was flown

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