Saturday, June 30, 2012

Empress Tender Like New!

The Driscoll Mission Bay boat yard did a great job repairing all the damage done to the Empress tender by the thieves.  The cost of almost all of the needed repairs was reimbursed by the insurance company.  In addition, at my expense, Driscoll installed a new rub rail and painted the bottom.  The old 13-foot Boston Whaler truly looks and performs like a new boat.  Bravo Zulu to Joe Driscoll, Evodio Nieto, and their crew at Driscoll Mission Bay.  I highly recommend this yard.

Empress Tender After Repairs

Back at End Tie G at Marina Village in Mission Bay, the Boston Whaler tender to Empress now is protected by an alarm that will sound a loud siren if a cable beteween the tender and Empress is cut.  In the photo above, the loop of white coax cable in the lower right-hand corner is the alarm cable.  The yellow power cable provides 120-Volt AC to the battery charger.

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